partnerships and cooperations

Even if we sometimes reach our limits, we are not alone. We can always fall back on many nice contacts, fantastic artists and strong business partners.

Here you will find everything about our partners and cooperations that contribute to our success. And maybe there is something for you too!

  • Cinderwing 3D

    She won us over with her towering dragons and mythical creatures! We didn't have to think long about including her works in our shop!

    Cinderwing 3D 
  • Kijai

    Jukka Seppänen is a gifted 3D designer from Finland.

    I was immediately won over by his designs and was extremely happy when he agreed to the cooperation.

  • MyPokePrints

    An enthusiastic 3D designer from Germany who is obviously a big Pokémon fan. With its ingenious designs and our artists, there are fantastic custom orders.

  • Filament's Folly

    A crazy guy with crazy ideas. He convinced us with his fantastic ornament Pokemon designs, which you can admire live at our conventions.

    Filament's Folly 
  • 3Demon

    This design team is outstanding. Whether low poly figures, cosplay costume parts or extraordinary sculptures. They offer a wide range of beautiful and sophisticated designs.


    The Netflix of 3D files. Still a very young platform that gathers more and more designers to create high-quality 3D files. It will be interesting to see what develops from this.

  • Kenya

    As an extraordinary cosplayer, she has more than enough talent to create outstanding works of art with us.

    She's also the reason we've gotten this far in the first place! A special person who changed my life!

    Kenya cosplay 
  • Lucas Art

    A longtime friend who is an artist himself. His experience with painting mini figures is particularly useful for detailed projects.

    His masterpiece is the "Howl's Moving Castle" which is a challenge for every artist.

    Lucas Art Workshop 
  • Lumiel

    A talented cosplayer who also has a talent for drawing.

    This is a perfect combination to turn our 3D prints into extraordinary works of art.

    I'm looking forward to the next projects!

    Lumiel Cosplay 
  • Megasoma

    An outstanding cosplayer with a great talent for airbrush painting.

    The quality of his work is overwhelming. From the very first collaboration, he blew us away with the result.

    A perfect addition to our projects!

    Megasoma Creations 
  • Retroverse

    Whether it's retro games, old and modified consoles or complete in-house developments, you'll find what you're looking for here. Always ahead of the market with new innovations!
    Not only the largest retro games retailer in Switzerland, but also a long-standing partner with whom we are constantly implementing new projects.

  • Emeryn Arts

    Emeryn enchants with a wide range of animal headbands, masks, fantasy jewelry, posters, stickers and much more. She specializes in drawing animals and fantasy creatures.
    We develop and manufacture blanks for your fantastic end products.

    Emeryn Arts 
  • columns

    Alenor J. Stevens is a queer fantasy writer. Occasionally Alenor also draws his own characters or works on the latest writing projects on Twitch.

    We print matching figures from the books that Alenor paints so that you can put them on your shelf next to the book.

    Alenor J. Stevens - Vaerysarium 
  • Teatime Wonder

    At Teatime Wonder small miracles come true. Jewellery, decorations, accessories and small everyday companions made of FIMO, resin, fabrics and much more are served.

    We can support you with our little mystical beings, so that you can make fantastic jewelry out of them.

    Teatime Wonder 
  • craft garage

    The Swiss dealer I trust when it comes to 3D printing material.

    Whether filament, tools or consumables. You can find it and much more here.

    Top service, high-quality goods, fast delivery and fair prices!

    craft garage 
  • recycling factory

    A young startup from Germany that is shaking up the 3D printing market.

    Finally we can have our material leftovers and empty spools recycled in a meaningful way.

    Over 95% of our materials are recycled and turned into new printing material.

    recycling factory 
  • Nicholas Peter

    Longtime supporter and great help with designs, conventions and large print jobs.


    Many thanks for the many years of active support to bring Preischl 3D forward!

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