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Welcome to Preischl 3D

Welcome to Preischl 3D - your 3D printing manufactory in Switzerland!

We offer fast and flexible FDM 3D printing services for private and business customers. With our experience since 2015 and the latest technologies and materials, we are your reliable choice for 3D printing jobs of any size. Contact us now and let us make your next project a reality!

Also discover our online shop with fascinating and helpful 3D prints, directly from our manufactory.

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  • Printables

    Free 3D designs provided by us

  • Etsy

    International shop to be able to order worldwide

  • FDM - 3D printing service

    FDM 3D printing service for companies and individuals. We offer advice, project support and the execution of print jobs of the highest quality. Realize your project quickly and flexibly with our "short official channels". Request an offer now!

  • serial productions

    Do you need series production of 100 to 10,000 pieces, but the edition is too small for injection molding or other processes? We can help you! We have already successfully implemented many projects and are ready to face new challenges at any time.

  • CAD - 3D Design

    Do you have an idea in mind but don't have the knowledge to implement it? We can help you! We offer CAD design and 3D modeling of mechanical parts and housings. We implement almost everything that is possible in CAD.

  • special material

    We scan the international market for new innovations and establish contacts with manufacturers worldwide in order to always be able to offer unique materials for 3D printing. We are always one step ahead of the market and can offer you unique materials for your 3D printing.

  • Prusa Research Partners

    As longtime users of Prusa 3D printers, we have accumulated a wealth of experience. That's why we offer training and repairs for these printers and are pleased to be able to participate in the partner program.

    Prusa Research 
  • conventions / fairs

    Not only are we available online, but you can also visit us at various trade fairs and conventions. We offer exclusive convention items at our cool booth and are happy to share our passion for 3D printing with you.

    Meet us in person! 

Michael Preisschl

I built my first printer myself back in 2015 and have owned over 20 different 3D printers since then. My hobby has become a passion that I work on every day in order to constantly improve.

I offer you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of 3D printing and have a lot of fun doing it. Let me show you how you too can get excited about this fascinating hobby!

Contact form (or directly to: preischl3d@outlook.com)