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STAGE TOP - BASIS SET (3x4) Modular gaming table

STAGE TOP - BASIS SET (3x4) Modular gaming table

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Equipment table
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Color frame and connecting clip

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Please look at all the pictures and read the description to the end. There you will find important information!

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Are you looking for a gaming table that not only meets your needs, but also your limited space? Game nights just got a lot easier!

With this fully modular game table, you can give your games the stage they deserve, regardless of the room you're playing in. This table is the perfect solution for gaming fans who enjoy playing board games, card games and even tabletop role-playing games such as Dungeons and Dragons and Pathfinder. It is also ideal as a puzzle table.

The StageTop gaming table is modular, which means you can expand the size of the table depending on your gaming needs.

It's easy to assemble and a great way to engage the group before the game! This gaming table is designed in such a way that it can be assembled in just a few simple steps.

Turn any room into a playroom and just put the table away for next time! The table disassembles just as easily as it was assembled. It can then be stored in a box or on a shelf to save space. For example, the 3x4 base table fits into a single IKEA Kallax container.

We offer the table in two versions. One with long legs to hide objects under the table and one with short legs to create a mobile surface.

For the assembly you will find an example video of the inventors here:

(We have done many tests with different components and we believe that this design combination that we offer is the best. Therefore our design may differ from the one shown in the video! However, our pictures show the table design you will receive!)

PDF instructions:!AnQUu3vOf1INhoV5PhJTa3nsHBUdag?e=dpQE1B


  • A plate segment is 20x20cm wide
  • The border is 5cm wide and 5cm high
  • The long leg is 13cm high
  • The short leg is 2cm high


  • 12x base plate with playing surface pre-assembled (can be changed)
  • 62x connection lock for mounting the plates and the frame
  • 12x leg (short or long) with rubber foot
  • 4x frame part corner
  • 10x straight frame part
  • 14x frame connection clip for stabilization and as a color accent


  • The base (base plate, connecting lock and legs) are supplied in black
  • The color of the playing surface can be selected directly above
  • The color for the frame and the frame connecting clip must be entered in the shopping cart under "Specify special ordering instructions". The same colors apply as for the playing surface!


  • We manufacture each table especially for you after your order
  • Depending on the availability of materials and the size of the table, production can take 2-4 weeks


Natural PLA (derived from corn starch)


See description!

Usage Notice

Protect the product from long periods of intense sunlight! (e.g. indoors and cars)
Do not heat the material above 50°C, otherwise it may deform.


This is an untested handcrafted product!

Use is at your own risk, so always use with appropriate safety precautions.

It may contain sharp edges, small parts or parts that could be swallowed! Children must therefore be supervised when using it!

Preischl 3D assumes no liability or guarantee for damage caused by using the product.

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