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Cosplay angle cutter

Cosplay angle cutter

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Are you looking for a reliable cutting tool? Then you will love this cosplay angle cutter that we developed and designed ourselves! The prime example is EVA Foam up to 15mm thick, with anything over 10mm more difficult to cut.
The special feature is that you get different cutting angles, depending on which side you use. This makes it easy to cut clean corners and angles with consistent quality. This is made possible by the rotation mechanism, where the blade is simply turned to the desired side and depth.
A commercially available cutter trapezoidal blade (L=60 mm x H=19 mm) is used as the blade, so that anyone can buy replacement blades in the hardware store (in large supermarkets often also in the handicraft department) without spending a lot of money.

You can also find all 3D printed parts as spare parts in our shop. All other materials can be found as replacements in hardware stores or you can ask us.

• The following angles are available: 90°, 75°, 60°, 45°.
• Cutter trapezoid blade (L=60 mm x H=19 mm)
• This is a completely custom design in coordination with several cosplayers and is 3D printed by us!
• Sustainable 3D printing
• Material: Filament made from 90% natural raw materials
• 95% of our plastic waste is recycled to make new filament

This product is an untested proprietary development that contains sharp components.
Use is at your own risk, so always use with appropriate safety precautions.
Preischl 3D assumes no responsibility or guarantee for damage caused by using the product.

This item is 3D printed by us in Switzerland. We pay attention to the very high quality of our printouts, so small errors or unsightly surfaces can sometimes occur.
Because we take good care of our 3D printers and constantly educate ourselves in the field of 3D printing and 3D design, you can be sure that we always deliver the best possible quality. That's why we make sure to always use the latest technologies in FDM 3D printing and regularly upgrade our workshop with the latest equipment.
Our 3D printing is as sustainable as plastic can get. We use 90% natural raw materials and recycle 95% of our plastic waste to make new filament.

Do you still have questions? Feel free to send me a message anytime and I'll reply as soon as possible!

The processing time is currently 1 - 3 days. Will be sent with the Swiss Post.


Natural PLA (derived from corn starch)


approx. 7 cm width, 12 cm length, 8 cm height

Usage Notice

Protect the product from long periods of intense sunlight! (e.g. indoors and cars)
Do not heat the material above 50°C, otherwise it may deform.


This is an untested handcrafted product!

Use is at your own risk, so always use with appropriate safety precautions.

It may contain sharp edges, small parts or parts that could be swallowed! Children must therefore be supervised when using it!

Preischl 3D assumes no liability or guarantee for damage caused by using the product.

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